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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." – Benjamin Franklin

For more than 30 years, Maurice D. Chism has used his gift of motivation and inspiration to help peers, co-workers and clients to overcome doubt and embrace success. He believes that there is space for everyone to succeed. Maurice’s mantra : ” Educate, Empower, and Enable to Impact the World!”

During Maurice’s early years, his outgoing personality and enthusiasm were recognized in school and in church. His character helped him to propel into leadership roles where he soared. Maurice was able to encourage his peers through words of inspiration and acts of inclusion. He had a gift to make each person feel heard.

In later years, Maurice continued to use his gift of motivation in corporate America, where he found himself inspiring colleagues. His out-of-the-box-thinking and go-get-it mentality helped to develop and execute new ideas and processes. Due to Maurice’s gift to motivate and inspire, he again was placed in leadership roles where he was selected as the spokesperson to present new ideas or processes with company executives and mid-level management. While Maurice truly enjoyed helping the company and his co-workers, he wanted to reach more people.

Seeing changes in the corporate landscape in 2012, Maurice founded Chism Group, LLC, a business consulting firm to help organizations and entrepreneurs to obtain personal and corporate goals. As a business consultant and trained business coach, he continues to make use of his gifts to educate, encourage, influence, and empower clients in the direction of overcoming doubt and embracing success.

In addition to being CEO of Chism Group LLC, Maurice is the host of That Will Nevr Work podcast, founder of The Positive Energy Tee Shirt Shop and producer of Entrepreneur IMPACT Summit 2019. These media platforms offer encouraging and educational information to organizations and entrepreneurs. Maurice is most grateful to use his gifts to help others find theirs.

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